Membership Fees

Stonehaven Golf Club welcomes new members in most membership categories. As well as unlimited access to the golfing facilities at Stonehaven members have access to discounts on visitor green fees on other courses as well as access to club house facilities for functions and events. See Membership Benefits for a full list of benefits.

Annual Membership Fees 2024

Membership Cost Membership Cost
Ordinary £630 Young Adult (26-29 yrs) £504
Restricted £455 Young Adult (22-25 yrs) £378
Country/International £365 Young Adult (18-21 yrs) £252
Patron £10* Junior (16-17 yrs) £100
Locker Fees (Adult - Large) £15 Junior (12-15 yrs) £50
Locker Fees (Adult - Small) £10 Junior (8-11 yrs) £30
Locker Fees (Junior) £5 Annual Club Hire (Junior) £25
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* Patron membership will be offered at £5 to the partner of an ordinary member.
There is a £30 non-refundable bar credit added for all members over 18 for 2024 season.