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  • Greens Report – 12th April 2017

    Routine maintenance to the greens and tees. Fairways have been cut plus some tee banking areas with steeper sections having been strimmed.
    Fertiliser has been applied to all tees and greens to encourage growth.
    All greens have been sprayed with Fusarium.
    The greenkeepers containment bunds are complete and are now in use.
    Permanent concrete bases for the medal tee markers, tee distance signs and the ladies Tee markers have been completed.
    All new course furniture now in place.
    Car Park white lines have been re-done.
    Foot Steps completed to access yellow and Ladies Tee at the 15th.
    All bunker edges trimmed & Turf patched in to the right of the 3rd green.

    This Months Targeted Jobs,

    The access road going down past the greenkeeper’s facility will be re-surfaced down to the concrete pad area.
    Complete the re-assembly of the practice net area.
    Rebuild bunker to the rear of the 3rd green (work load dependant),
    Rebuild bunker to the right of the 15th green (work load dependant)

    Ivan Groundwater
    Club Captain / Greens Convenor

  • Greens Report - 9th March 2017

    The mild weather has encouraged continual growth throughout the month with the greens and tees having been hand cut. Fairways have been cut as have some of the tee banking’s.
    Fertiliser has been applied to all the greens to take advantage of early growth.
    Vertical draining of the fairways has now also been completed with a few heavily used areas to be revisited at the start of the season.
    The bunkers on the 8th, 12th and 13th have been filled in and turfed which will remain as GUR until settled.
    Completed laying turf in the area where the grassy knoll was removed behind the 4th green.
    The area surrounding the humps on the 3rd fairway has been fully re-turfed and reinstated,

    Work is well underway with the creation of a bund area at the greenkeeper facility and it is anticipated to have the main part of the job completed by the end of March.
    The access road alongside the greenkeeper’s facility will be re-surfaced as soon as the greenkeepers containment bunds are completed.
    All the equipment has been moved into the new greenkeeper’s facility. There is still some tidy up work to be done and racking to be completed.
    The part demolition of the old shed has been completed and the end cladding has been completed
    Permanent concrete bases for the medal tee markers are being built with the intention of improving surrounding grass maintenance

    Good progress has been made in the winter programme although there are a few jobs that has missed our target, depending on outstanding routine maintenance duties we hope to get back on schedule in April.

    This Months Targeted Jobs,

    Rebuild bunker to the rear of the 3rd green (work load dependant).
    Rebuild bunker to the right of the 15th green (work load dependant).
    Improve the banking to the right of the 3rd green.
    Install new steps for access to 15th Ladies / Yellow tee.
    Re-install the practice nets.
    Re-sand all bunkers as necessary.
    Trim and re-edge all bunkers.
    There is also the usual routine operation to see to before the summer season begins.

    Ivan Groundwater

  • Course Report – 8th February 2017

    A good spell of weather after the Christmas break has meant good progress has been made in the winter programme.
    The verti-draining of the greens has been completed and the process of smoothing them out using hand mowers and vibrating rollers is ongoing.
    The fairways are in the process of being verti-drained using one inch tines to about 9” in order to improve drainage.
    The process of filling the bunkers in on the 8th, 12th and 13th has been completed and these are now ready for turfing with turf to be ordered when weather permits.
    The new areas of drainage at the 2nd, 8th and 11th seem to be working well with water dispersing at a much quicker rate than before.
    The area at the dump has been tidied up with the whins being burned and the surrounding area levelled out.
    The access road to the greenkeeper’s shed has been greatly improved with the addition of a thick layer of tar plainings and then rolled.
    The process of moving into the new greenkeeper’s facility is ongoing with the majority of equipment now being moved across. The framework for the division of the old shed has been erected and the section to be removed will be done in due course.
    3 x Concrete medal tee markers have been moulded to replace the damaged and missing ones,

    This Months Targeted Jobs,

    Continue with the reinstatement of the area surrounding the humps on the 3rd fairway.
    Re-turf the bunkers to the right of the 8th 12th & 13th fairway.
    Re-turf the area behind the 4th Green.
    Continue to migrate greenkeeper equipment into the new facility.
    Rebuild bunker to the rear of the 3rd green.
    Rebuild bunker to the right of the 15th green.
    Manufacture new steps for access to 15nd Ladies / Yellow tee.

    Ivan Groundwater

  • Course Report – 11th January 2017

    Greenkeepers on holiday over the festive period with only basic maintenance carried out. Work ongoing to remove the humps on the 3rd fairway which will be completed within the next few days.

    This Months Targeted Jobs,

    Reinstate the area surrounding the humps area on the 3rd fairway.
    Fill in and reinstate the bunker to the right of the 8th 12th & 13th fairway.
    Migrate greenkeeper equipment into the new facility.
    Rebuild bunker to the rear of the 3rd green.
    Manufacture new concrete Tee markers to replace 3 missing ones.
    Manufacture new steps for access to 2nd tee.

    Ivan Groundwater

  • Revised Course Layout

    Voting has now closed on the proposed new course layout and we thank all of you that took the time to offer your views and feedback.

    Just to recap we carried out the following:

    - A one off trial on proposed layout on Captains Day
    - An extended trial period for the first ten weeks of the winter season
    - Feedback period open for five weeks.

    Full results are attached here on a separate document included with this mail, however, the headline figure is 85.2% in favour of proceeding with the new course layout and club council were also unanimous in their views to proceed.

    Many of you have offered suggestions that will help with the transition and your feedback has been added to the pot as it were and will help formulate future plans regarding this particular project.

    Club council are well aware that more work needs to be done on signage, pathways, safety, GPS, scorecards and a number of many other areas, but taking all the above into account, including members comments the aim is to have the new layout ready in good time for the 2017 season.

    We will continue to monitor matters throughout the season and of course, if you have any suggestions please do continue to e-mail these in to



  • Course Report (14th December 2016)

    Installation of the new cable to the green keepers Facility has been completed and the power is connected. There is still a small amount of reinstatement work to be completed along the cable track and we are currently in the process of applying for the completion certificate.

    The drains beside the 8th and the 11th fairways are now complete and seen to be functioning OK. The blocked drain across the 2nd fairway has been replaced but there is still some turf to be replaced along about half its length. Some whin bushes have been removed at the approach to the 7th green however the root base has still to be completely removed.

    The 1st Tee has been re-sited on the area beside the practice green as last year.

    Path through the arch to the field is now complete although some landscaping still pending completion.

    This Months Targeted Jobs,

    Complete the re-instatement of the cable track
    Complete the drainage on the 2nd fairway,
    Rebuild the bunker far right of the 3rd green (weather permitting),
    Topsoil over the area to the front of the 7th green where the wins have been removed and seed to complete.

    Ivan Groundwater

  • Course Report (9th November 2016)

    Progress this month

    Road to Greenkeepers Facility - We have purchased a good amount of tar scrapings which have been stored and ready to be spread on to the surface. Job will be completed once the weather settles which will futureproof the road for a long time.

    Power Cable Installation - Being installed at the moment but the job is currently stalled with the wet weather. SSE have connected the power cables to the meter box and a few dry days will see completion.

    1st Winter Tee - Our plan to move the 1st Tee back to the practice net area has been abandoned

    Arch Pathway – Largely complete with some minor landscaping still to complete

    Next months plan

    Continue with drainage work within the area covered by the 1st, 2nd & 18th holes. Some work already completed but this is still work in progress,

    Re-establish the 1st winter Tee beside the practice green per last year.

    Complete the installation of new electric cable

    Ivan Groundwater

  • Course Report (13th October 2016)

    bigpicProgress this month

    The road leading out to the green keeper facility has been repaired and should be good for the winter. We shall carry out some further improvements next summer.

    Work on the green keepers facility is ongoing and the internal joinery work is all but complete. The electricians are due to finish by the end of the week with the plumbing and painting due to be complete by the end of the month. We should be ready to start moving the equipment into the new facility by early November.

    We had considered using a battery power supply unit but we have now settled on laying a larger cable fed directly from the rear of the clubhouse out to the sheds. Work is in hand and we hope to have SSE survey the site allowing us to complete installation. As with the new facility, there is very little cost to the club other than any unrecoverable VAT. The installation of a direct power supply will eliminate the need for the currently expensive upkeep of the generator system.

    Some work has been carried out on the drains below the car park. The sodden ground is now beginning to dry out which will help keep that part of the course drier during the winter.  Some pictures of the work in progress can be found in the new green keeping gallery here

    The drains leading to the wet area to the right of the 9th fairway have been opened up and re-laid. We have also installed a gully in that area to help prevent any build-up of water in heavy rain conditions and we hope this work should cure this long term problem.

    Some work has been done on preparing the winter course and it will be playable for the 1st game of the winter season. The area surrounding the 3rd Tee was spiked and sanded to hopefully improve the drainage

    Next months plan

    Continue with drainage work around 1st, 2nd & 18th holes. There has been some work already completed although work remains in progress.

    Re-establish the 1st winter tee in the area currently occupied by the practice nets. Also drain the area along the front of the 1st tee to improve access (held over from last month)

    Establish new 6th winter green to the right of the fairway in front of the right-hand greenside bunker.

    Also carried over from last month we still intend (where possible and practical) to move all winter tees onto a mat

    Complete the reinstatement of some grass verges along the road to the green keepers facility still recovering from the works carried out.

    Work will begin next week to upgrade the path through beneath the bridge leading to the field. The road will be closed from time to time as work progresses and advance warning will be published.

    Ivan Groundwater

  • Course Report (8th September 2016)

    Progress this month

    Volunteers have continued to top up shells on some paths around the course over the past few weeks. The greenkeepers have also tidied up some of the path edges.

    Some of the old signs around the course have been removed.

    There is a contractor on site this week to upgrade the road leading out to the green keeper facility, they will only carry out repairs to the worst affected areas. So far we have carted in levelled and rolled about 40 tons of hard core,

    The members toilets at the new facility are now operational. A pin code is required and these codes are available at the bar. The work on the greenkeepers facility is ongoing. Walls are completed internally and the finishing should all be in place within the next few weeks. The power supply to the new facility is still to be finalised.

    A drain survey has been carried out on the surface water and sewerage system around the clubhouse. The next step is for the contractor to upgrade one of the damaged pipes under the footpath along the front path and to renew the 3 manhole covers and frames. There is now an electronic record held in the clubhouse of drain connections as well as a CCTV image of the internal condition

    Some of the railings along the paths at the front of the clubhouse are undergoing repainting,

    Next months plan

    Replace or repair all necessary drains within the area covered by the first, second and eighteenth holes.  There has been some preliminary work done to try and establish the current condition.

    Complete the preparation of winter Greens and Tees.  
    • Re-establish the 1st tee in the area currently occupied by the practice net.
    • Drain the area along the front of the 1st tee to improve access.
    • Establish new 5th green to the right of the fairway in front of the right-hand greenside bunker.
    • Where possible and practical move the winter mats off the main tees.  Each tee will hopefully be on a mat.

    Reinstate some areas of grass verge alongside the OB at the roadside leading to the greenkeepers facility.

    Spike and sand the area surrounding the 3rd Tee to hopefully improve drainage in that area.

    Carry out limited upgrade to the gully path / road surface and install some water off lets.

    Ivan Groundwater